July 12, 2018

Try my recipe for Raspberry Oat Bars!

May 18, 2018

Check out my recipe for these healthy protein/lactation brownies!

March 30, 2018

Hey Friends!! So I figured this would be a good time to sneak in this recipe with Easter approaching! I’m honestly not a fan of Carrot Cake or Cream Cheese, so I’m honestly not sure why I put the effort into making this, but I’m SOOOO happy I did! Pregnancy has me wanting Baked Goods, […]

December 13, 2017

‘Tis the Season for EASY, SIMPLE, COMFORTING and YUMMY eats right?! If I can make something in 1 pot, even better!!! I purchased the beef from my local Whole Foods for under $6.00 so this can certainly fit in any budget! Ingredients  (for 2 Dinner Servings PLUS Leftovers for 1 Day) 1.5 lb Lean Beef Stew […]

September 28, 2017

If you guys are looking for a unique and cozy slow cooker chicken recipe – I’ve got you covered!

September 19, 2017

Try my healthy version of Banana Bread that uses good quality ingredients that could easily be made into Muffins!

September 13, 2017

Bone Broths have been gaining popularity – and for GOOD REASON! It’s nourishing, satisfying and is perfect for a rainy day or a “day under the weather.” Bone Broths tend to be higher in protein and lower in carbs then most other soups or juices and it is such a homey and comforting meal/snack idea […]

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