Brothy Gochujang Legumes & Veggies

Some of my best dishes emerge when I’m solely cooking for myself and don’t have to meet anyone else’s expectations. I’m probably the only person in my household who would enjoy a meal consisting of brothy gochujang legumes & veggies, but perhaps I’ll win you over with it?

I personally think this dish would be great with anything, and I’m fairly certain I’ll be using different items the next time. Use what you like and what you have on hand without feeling the pressure to duplicate everything exactly. If you do choose to go rouge with this and make this a meal, aim for at least 1-2 legumes and 2 vegetables so you have a decent amount of protein, fiber and diversity in your bowl!

Brothy Gochujang Legumes & Veggies

I wasn’t planing on making a blog post or recipe out of this, so bare with me because this will be pretty nonspecific!





Cannellini Beans

Gochujang Paste


Red Miso Paste

Vegetable Stock

Black Lentils



What I Did:

First, I sautéed the onion and carrots with salt and pepper in a pot. Once they sweat a bit, I added the rosemary and thyme. Next, I added about a tsbp of gochujang paste with a tsp of honey in a bowl and whisked before adding it to the pot.

I rinsed the beans and added those in with the spinach and vegetable stock (about 2 cups). I also had left over black lentils from yesterday so I threw those in too!

Finally, because I’m focusing on gut health right now, I added miso (the red paste has such better flavor in my opinion) since it is fermented and rich in probiotics. Whenever you’re using a food with live cultures, you want to make sure you don’t use a flame because you’ll kill off all of the healthy bacteria. I like to whisk a tbsp in a bowl with some warm water so it’s not clumpy in my broth/soup. I turned off the burner on this dish and mixed the miso in right before plating.

Hope you enjoy these brothy gochujang legumes & veggies if you choose to give this a whirl! Be sure to tag me if you do or use this as inspiration to create a concoction of your own!

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