My Ultimate Reset Week 2 Results

I’m finishing this program today, but wanted to update you on my Ultimate Reset Week 2 Results. Better late than never right?

If you missed my Week 1 progress and results, be sure to click here to read that post!

In two weeks, I lost 7 lbs and 4 inches! Check out my midsection!!

Every week has a theme and transition as we work towards reseting and restoring our body. Week 2 is all about detoxing, which if I’m being completely honest – scared me.

Whenever I hear the word detox, I immediately think of being starved, having to run to the bathroom or drinking weird juice mixes with cayenne pepper. All of those things are NOT for me.

This detox supplement, believe it or not – had zero affect on how I felt. Nothing changed with how I felt physically and my bathroom trips were completely normal.

Some of the ingredients are chia, flaxseed, turmeric, ginger and milk thistle. Nothing scary right?

Week 2 also brought some changes in the meal plan and recipes. Animal proteins and dairy were weeded out, but the recipes were still rich in healthy fats and carbohydrates like grains/legumes.

I thought this week was going to be difficult since I do normally consume meat, eggs and cheese, but I honestly didn’t miss anything at all!

I found myself pretty stuffed after most meals and all I craved was fresh and healthy eats!

I’ll attach everything I consumed in week 2 below!

All in all, I felt amazing all week!

Any GI symptoms that I’ve experienced are as good as gone and I was excited to start the last and final week, so stick around for that post.

If you find yourself curious about the program or want to ask me anything, I’m an email away!

Talk soon!


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