Ultimate Reset Week 1 Progress

It’s been 1 week since I started the Ultimate Reset, and I am shocked with my results!

I have technically made more progress in the past week, then I have in the past 15!

So here are the stats:

  • Down 5 lbs
  • Down 5 inches

And here are the lifestyle changes:

  • All GI symptoms like bloating, burping and irregularity are gone!
  • Cravings and snacking urges also gone!
  • Zero desire to have red meat, caffeine, dairy or alcohol
  • I’ve tried new ingredients and recipes
  • I ate home cooked meals all day and everyday this past week (which is a new milestone for the pandemic).

This is the most dramatic “whole picture” progress that I’ve made since before my second pregnancy! I honestly haven’t felt this good in a while.

So What Was My Week Like?

FOOD: I found that the recipes were very simple and easy to put together. There were so many things that I truly loved and will continue to make (like the sushi rolls). The only thing I didn’t really care for was the baked tempeh, but I’m proud of myself for trying something new! Have you ever looked up the health benefits of things like miso or tempeh? It’s so fascinating, but this menu was carefully curated with a lot of thought and purpose.

DIGESTION: Like I mentioned above, all of my GI symptoms are gone! There haven’t been any strange bathroom trips whatsoever! If anything, things are more predictable and regular.

HUNGER: I don’t even know how anyone could be hungry doing this. I seriously think it’s impossible! Not only are the portions fairly large, every meal is packed with balanced nutrition. Dense nutrition is what our gut wants, so if we are hydrated and fed adequately – we’re satisfied. I haven’t felt the urge to have seconds, snack, have dessert etc. I also have left out sides or portions from my meals because it’s been a LOT of food! You will not be hungry – I promise!

SUPPLEMENTS: Zero issues with these and they don’t affect how I feel ever. It was a little tricky to remember to take them, but I simply kept my box on the counter and by day 3 it was a new habit. I’ll list what I’m taking below, which will also change in Week 2

  • Optimize – before meals
    • digestive enzymes/camu camu fruit
  • Greens – with my shake in the afternoon
    • powerful nutritious veggies
  • Soothe – before dinner
    • aloe/turmeric

SIDE EFFECTS: I honestly feel amazing and so much better! I’m clear, more focused and simply in a better mood. Have I mentioned I haven’t had caffeine? The only “undesirable” side effect that I had on Day 4 was a couple of zits. I actually read that it’s normal for your skin to break out while your detoxing. They cleared up within a day (thankfully!).

What’s Ahead For Week 2?

Things will be changing slightly!

To start, animal proteins and dairy are now eliminated (and that doesn’t bother me at all). Aside from that, I’ll be incorporating a new supplement for detoxing. I know the word “detox” sounds scary, but this supplement is all natural and contains a lot of things were already used to like chia, flax, ginger and turmeric.

I’ll have some existing recipes to keep, but there are plenty of new ones to try!

As far as prep goes,  I’m a little behind in prep since we had our fireplace renovation going on all weekend, but I managed to get a few things done!

Interested In Doing This?

I’ll be hosting a specific (and small) group to take women just like you along for the ride! Enrollment is OPEN and our start date is April 12th! Cut off to order is 3/31. Shoot me an email to get enrolled or ask any questions at meghanmfitness@gmail.com.

That’s it for now, but I can’t wait to share everything over the next week as I cross the halfway point!

If you want to tune into the everyday experiences, be sure to check out my Instagram Stories. You’ll also find two highlights where I’m saving info on the reset and everything I’m eating.

Chat soon!



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