Coastal Samsung Frame TV Art

How long is too long to review and scrutinize artwork for this TV? I’ve spent longer than I’d like to admit!

I’ve pulled together some coastal and seascape inspired options for the Samsung Frame TV if you’re looking for a that kind of vibe!

  1. Tropical Surfer
  2. Aerial Surf
  3. Morning Surf
  4. Black & White Surfer
  5. Vintage Coastal
  6. Aerial Blue Waters
  7. Bright Waters
  8. Neutral Surf
  9. Ocean Blue
  10. My Current Frame TV Art
  11. Neutral Seascape
  12. Neutral Waves Crashing
  13. Vintage Sailboat


I wasn’t thrilled with the options that come with the TV, and I knew I wanted something that truly gave off an art vibe, as opposed to a “screensaver” vibe you know?

There are a wide variety of digital artwork shops on Etsy, whether you are looking for Samsung Frame TV Art specifically or prints.
I used search words like “coastal,” “seascape” and “beach” to find some of mine here!

Once I found my artwork, I downloaded it to my phone and I was able to upload it directly to the TV through the app. From there, it was very easy to adjust the brightness, warmth and settings!

Hope this helps!

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