10 Signs That You Have An Unhealthy Gut

I recently heard that over 70% of Americans have an unhealthy gut. Unfortunately, I know first hand what having an unhealthy gut feels like and wanted to share 10 signs that might indicate that you have an unhealthy gut too. 

Here are the 10 signs:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Irregularity
  • Bloat
  • Gas
  • Skin Irritations
  • Needing Caffeine to get through the day
  • Your clothes feeling tight or restrictive
  • Anxiety/Irritability
  • Insomnia and/or fatigue
  • Unable to break a plateau or lose weight


Know that this is not a complete list. There can certainly be others since we are all so uniquely different. 

My Backstory & Experience

Improving my gut health is probably one of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced in my health and fitness journey thus far. 

After my first pregnancy, I simply made continual progress as I worked on myself and made an effort. Simple right? I was literally in the best shape of my life within just a year of being postpartum. I naively thought the second pregnancy would go similarly, but I was wrong. Once I had my daughter, it was like my body was failing me. No matter what I did or how hard I worked, I couldn’t break through this plateau.

This postpartum journey has been filled with gut health issues, stress, anxiety and diastasis recti (lots of fun)! Bloat, irregularity, irritability, looking 6 months pregnant nonstop and not being able to drop the last 10 lbs is where I’ve been living for a while and it’s been really discouraging.

It’s been 20 months and I’m still trying to improve my unhealthy gut, mental health and have found something that has helped me, which I’m going to tell you about below. 

The 4 Week Gut Protocol Program

Back in January, I was asked to participate in a Test Group to trial a new program that focused on healing an unhealthy gut. It was like this program was meant for me. 

The program is 4 weeks long and will help you discover possible food sensitivities, choose foods that support a healthy gut, consume more alkaline foods and help rebalance the gut microbiome. Everything in our body is connected to our gut health and our gut health affects our overall health.

Learn more about it below,

My Results

It’s been 8 weeks now of living this lifestyle and it’s made a dramatic impact on my life.

I’m down 11 lbs, 7 inches and can finally fit into some of my denim from pre-pregnancy.

Aside from the physical changes, I have no more cravings for sweets, no need to graze/snack throughout the day and don’t need caffeine to get through the afternoon.

More importantly, I’m learning what foods are healthy/unhealthy for me, which has been quite an issue over the past year. Ever since I took a food sensitivity test last year, I’ve had nothing but anxiety and confusion with numerous healthy foods. For example, eggs were highly reactive on my test, but I just consumed them on my blank slate and have had zero issues with them!

Below are the results from just 4 Weeks of following this program:

I had 9 of the 10 signs of an unhealthy gut

4 Week Results

How Does It Work?

Once you commit to the program, you have access on our app and get a package shipped to you. You’ll go through the video modules and have resources like tracker sheets, food lists and a plan to follow. 

  • You’ll remove some of the most common foods that cause sensitivities
  • You’ll replace those foods with natural and organic whole foods when possible
  • You’ll replenish your microbiome with the help of food and the supplements that come with your kit (Shakeology, Digestive Enzymes and Pre/Probiotics) to support balance
  • You’ll rebalance your mind-body connection with strategies that help manage stress and through an exercise program that was designed to support gut health


I’m hosting a group specifically for those going through this lifestyle program with me to give added support, motivation, accountability and make this a fun experience!

Complete this form if you’re interested and I’ll reach out within 24 hours of receiving it!

my private Facebook community for gut health

A glimpse into my 4 Week Gut Protocol Facebook Group

I’m so excited to go through this program again and would love to help you every step of the way!

Regardless of your personal goals, healing yourself from the inside out will bring you that much closer.

Chat soon!

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