A Lovevery Play Kit Review

Anyone else feel completely bombarded and overwhelmed with the various products, toys, books and subscriptions that were exposed to once we become pregnant? Well, you’re not alone. There are so many things out there, so I wanted to write a Lovevery Play Kit Review because they have been a valued favorite in our family for the past 4 years!

lovevery play kits for 3 year olds

The Lovevery Play Kits include stage-based play essentials for your kiddo’s developing brain. They take the guesswork out of everything because their experts use science and Montessori to develop each play kit to support our children as they learn through important developmental windows. All of the toys are beautiful, are built to last and are made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint and baby-safe plastics. 

Lovevery play kit for 3 year olds

These play kits have been a godsend for us for multiple reasons!

The biggest draw for me was the guide that comes with every play kit. As a new mom who had zero experience with kids, playtime felt very random for us and I always felt like I should be doing more. The guides have been super educational and have given me ideas for each phase of development. I know they say kids don’t come with a manual, but this is the closest thing to one!

Another big plus for me is the variety of toys – you get everything from puzzles to books and practical items for pretend-play like a mop. Everything is also incredibly well made and durable. The toys look just as new despite 4 years of play from two toddlers, two dogs and a move in between it all.

Jack will be 4 in April, so we’re hoping they’ll continue making them for older kids, but check out his most recent kits while he’s been 3!


play kits for 3 year olds

Our kids truly love them, but we all get excited as a family each time a new play kit arrives because it keeps things fresh and fun for us all!


play kits for 3 year olds
To read more, here’s a blog post I wrote back in 2019 when Jack was a little over 1, click here

This is truly the one thing that I can recommend for both genders and all ages in between 0-4!  They would make for the perfect gift or something special you get for you and your little one!


play kits for babies


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