Ultimate Reset Final Results

I completed all 21 Days!

Here are my Ultimate Reset Final Results! On Day 21, I had lost a total of 8 lbs and 7 inches.


Out of all the Beachbody programs I’ve completed, this takes the cake for so many reasons

Sure, I got great transformation photo, but I truly feel as though the Ultimate Reset Final Results gave me a clean slate.

  • My mindset is clear and I can focus
  • I’m not dependent on caffeine
  • I’m sleeping better
  • I have full control over my food choices (and making better ones)
  • I’ve had a massive improvement in GI symptoms (bloat, irregularity etc)
  • I got my first menstrual cycle in OVER A YEAR after stopping birth control in October!
  • I’m genuinely enjoying being plant based
  • I’m continuing so much of what I learned and maintaining everything that I did
  • Both kiddos have been enjoying healthy foods (particularly the Miso Soup).

Let’s Talk About The Food!

Every week has a theme.

Week 1 was “Reclaim,” Read about Week 1 Results Here
Week 2 was “Detox,”  Read about Week 2 Results Here

… and Week 3 is “Restore.”

Now that the detox phase is over (which was a breeze by the way), that “detox” supplement is done, and I introduced a supplement called “revitalize” in addition to “optimize” and “soothe.”

Revitalize is a supplement with pre/probiotics used before every meal to help restore a healthy gut flora.

As for the food — grains and legumes were phased out.

I honestly feared this phase and not having enough carbs, but I did better than I expected. I got used to only having fruit in the morning and using a variety of different fruits kept things fun and interesting. I did have sweet potatoes and butternut squash here and there, but I honestly got used to it.

I even got my cycle this week and didn’t feel any cravings. I was a little hungrier on Day 1 of my Cycle, so I just had a bigger portion and was FINE.

So What Now? 

Last year I slowly transitioned out of the reset, but I have to admit that I wasn’t as diligent with reintroducing foods as I could have been.

I fortunately have a new program to transition into, which is similar to the Ultimate Reset, but has a more flexible and lifestyle focused approach.

I’m personally going to introduce chicken/fish back in this week, and next week (especially once my hormones go back to normal), I’ll start with 1 food at a time to identify what my triggers are.

How Did The Women In My Group Do?

Interested In Doing This Yourself?

You’ll do amazing! Reach out to me at meghan.fittobefree@gmail.com and we can talk about your goals, what’s important to you and cover the different enrollment options!


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