Ultimate Reset Week 2 Results

I just wanted to give you an update on my Ultimate Reset Week 2 Results.

I’m down a total of 6 lbs and 5 inches!

Every week has a theme and transition as we work towards reseting and restoring our body. Week 2 is all about detoxing, which if I’m being completely honest – scared me the first time I did this.

Whenever I hear the word detox, I immediately think of being starved, having to run to the bathroom or drinking weird juice mixes with cayenne pepper. All of those things are NOT for me.

This detox supplement, believe it or not – had zero affect on how I felt. Nothing changed with how I felt physically and my bathroom trips were completely normal.

Some of the ingredients are chia, flaxseed, turmeric, ginger and milk thistle. Nothing scary right?

The detox supplement has a citrusy flavor and helped me drink an extra 40-50 oz of water a day, so I didn’t mind it at all!

Let’s talk about the food!

This week we eliminated animal protein and dairy, but – I have to confess — I went off plan.

Last year when I did this program, I completed it with 100% compliancy, but this time around I choose to color outside of the lines.

I don’t know if any of you can relate, but, as a Mom of two kids without a lot of help – my husband and I hardly ever get to go out and do anything alone. My parents offered to babysit this weekend, so I chose to take them up on their offer and we went out to lunch. I ordered Blackened Salmon over a house salad with balsamic vinegar/EVOO on the side (bottom row of food photos, second in from the right). It was DF, GF, SF and super clean! Was it off plan? YES, but my days of being “all or nothing” are long gone and I’m here to be the best that I can be (inside and out).

Eating out didn’t affect my results and I still feel fantastic, which should show you that you can make this work for you regardless of your schedule and circumstances.

All in all, I feel incredible and can’t wait to see what Week 3 brings!

Things certainly shift again in Week 3, which I’ll write about in my next post!

In the mean time, please reach out if you’re interested in doing this program. I’ll be hosting a small and private group that will kick off prep on 3/21, so you’re done in time for Easter!

I’ll share some of the Week 2 Results from the girls in my current group below!

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