Coastal Coffee Table Books

I’ve recently started a small collection of coastal coffee table books. First it was cookbooks, then it was personal development books and now I’m onto coffee table books! Maybe I need a vacation that badly? ha!

They are of course wonderful when you have guests over, but they also make for great decor pieces if you can find a cover or bind that fits your home’s aesthetic and vibe. Whether you display them on a coffee table, stacked on a console table or lined up on a book shelf, they can give any space more personality and additional layer of texture. Coffee table books can also make a great gift also!!

  1. Relaxed Coastal Style
  2. The Color Teil
  3. Escape
  4. The Sea
  5. The History Of Surfing
  6. Waves
  7. Surf Like A Girl
  8. Surf Shack
  9. Surf Tribe
  10. Beaches
  11. Pacific Natural 
  12. Surf Shacks 2
  13. Coastal Blues
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