Leadership Retreat 2019

I wanted to go on this trip for 4 years. Every year that passed, I watched others go and it was beyond disappointing.

Truth is – I simply hadn’t earned it yet… until now. That feelings of anticipation after failing over and over, but finally succeeding were absolutely incredible!

This trip was important to me for a lot of reasons. The Leadership Retreat is a time for top leaders in the company to come together for a weekend of cutting-edge training, team-building and personal development. It would be a chance to connect, learn and represent my Team on a completely new level!

The Retreat was hosted at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, Arizona and they provided my hotel room, $300 in Travel Cash and the ability for me to bring a guest – so cool right?!

My friends and I got there a day early so we could explore, and we took the opportunity to see Sedona, which you can read about here in my “8 Hours In Sedona Post.”

I was blown away by the resort! Everything was top notch from the welcome, service, accommodations, dining options and even the golden retrievers that greeted us in the lobby each morning. Everything was truly 5 Star in my opinion and I would go back in a heart beat. If you enjoy margaritas as much as I do, make sure you go to La Hacienda! The “Black Currant” Margarita was so unique, but they were all delicious (and yes, I tried them all).

The first night was kind of a doozy because we been up for almost 24 hours, so we didn’t do much, but the following morning we hiked up Camel Back Mountain, which I totally recommend if your a sucker for a good sweat and great view! You can read up on my tips here in my “Hiking Camel Back Mountain” post.

Once the retreat finally kicked off, it was packed with workshops, networking, activities, and parties!

They threw this incredible reception on opening night and we got to hang out with some of our newer trainers, like Amoila Cesar and Elise Joan.

I was able to finally meet so many coaches that I work with regularly online and it was so much fun to meet others who I’ve never met before.

In the mornings we got to work and try 6 Weeks Of The Work, which is a new high intensity program that just came out from our NBA Sports Trainer, Amoila Cesar, along with a BRAND NEW BARRE PROGRAM that’s coming out soon by Elise Joan!

BARRE was no joke! I honestly assumed it would be very “dancy” and not challenging enough. Elise had me burning bad haha. For a low/no impact workout – it left me more sore than anything I’ve experienced in awhile! So pumped to start this in a couple of weeks!

I’m starting to put together a VIP List for BARRE, so if you’re interested, make sure you fill out this form here.

Now…this might seem crazy to some of you, but for the longest time I’ve always had a goal of working out on stage with one of these trainers and not only did Amoila give me that opportunity, but I got to do it along side my coach which was a such a cool full circle moment!

And while it would be pretty cool to brag about being selected for some high and almighty reason – I wasn’t. I simply asked – a LOT haha. I mustered up the courage to message him on Instagram (he actually messaged me back), but I had to ask again during the welcome reception, and then again via social!

I think it’s easy to assume that people just get lucky or end up where they want to be, but I’ve certainly had to earn my “spot” in anything I’ve ever had or done. This was such a cool bucket list thing to “cross off” my list, but I’m happy I chased after it.

This was probably my favorite event, out of all of the Beachbody trips. It was just so fulfilling and such a great opportunity to be with the company “up close” if that makes sense?

I think one of the biggest eye openers for me at all of these events, but particularly this one, is that everyone is a normal person who simply got over their excuses and made it work.

Everyone had obstacles, obligations, stressors and time constraints. We all struggled in some way and had adversity to overcome, but the ones that succeed simply fail more, try harder and are more consistent. There truly is no “secret.”

If there’s something you want – get out there and chase it.

… and if you’ve always wanted to earn this trip for yourself – work NOW to ensure that you get there next year! Your future self is counting on you to work for that in this very moment!


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