Enrollment Open: TWO 6 Week Bootcamps

Are you ready to work?

NOW ENROLLING for TWO GROUPS to begin October 7th for 6 Weeks!!

I have 10 spots open for anyone who considers their fitness ability to be moderate or advanced, who also want to level up their routine for the next 6 week!

The focus of this new program is on strength, hypertrophy, endurance, power and mobility – all things functional fitness!

Check out this SIZZLE VIDEO to get you pumped and excited!

What To Expect From The Program:

  • To WORK. This is going to be challenging, hard and intense. It is not for everyone and is specifically designed for the moderate/advanced athlete in mind.
  • It is 6 weeks long and starts on October 7th
  • Workouts are about 45 minutes in length (some are shorter).
    • Within a week, 5 workouts are designed to push you to your limits with 1 focusing on recovery/repair. There is 1 rest day/week.
  • Workouts can be done at home, at the gym or wherever you enjoy to sweat.
  • Access to workouts can be done on your phone, mobile device and various smart TV platforms like Apple TV, Firesticks, Roku & Chrome Cast.
  • The program does have Explicit Language, BUT – there is a clean version if you prefer it or have kids around when you exercise (something for everyone)

What To Expect From The Trainer:

What To Expect From My Group:

  • 1 on 1 Mentoring
    • I will be checking in with you daily within our groups, and weekly via email. I respond to all DMs, messages and emails within 24 hours.
    • I will also be evaluating your progress via our private app and providing support, guidance, goal setting and accountability to help you reach your goals
  • Group Support
    • You will be added to our FB Community that has nearly 5 years of resources, tools and the most positive, uplifting and goofy group of girls that I know from all over the world!
    • Open Forum to ask questions, support, chat with others, make friends etc.
  • Access to Private App
    • You will have access to our Private App where you can check in daily, track your stats, progress and/or meals if you choose
  • Optional Virtual Workouts via Zoom
    • A place where you can pop in virtually to hang out with the team in real time and push play on your own individual workout!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if this program is too intense or challenging for me? 

No worries! I’m hosting TWO separate groups that start on the exact same day! I will also be hosting a bootcamp for all levels where we get to pick a program for you together, that fits your fitness ability and personality BEST!

How will I know if I can do this program?

There is a FIT TEST to determine whether this program is right for you! I also have a sample workout for you to try so you can get a taste of what this program will be like!

What if I want to do this program, but don’t feel ready yet?

I would encourage you to join my other bootcamp that starts on October 7th so we can GET YOU READY! We can customize a plan together so that you can feel comfortable, confident and excited about doing this program in my November wave.

How can I join the November Wave?

Joining one of my bootcamp groups for October 7th will GUARANTEE you a spot in the November Wave. I keep my groups limited so I can give all participants the time, attention and guidance that they need.

When do I have to join by?

Between September 30th and October 1st! Ideally you want a week to prepare, get ready and allow your package to be delivered. Spots are also limited to 10 participants for the Test Group, so you can reserve/secure a spot now!

How do I secure a spot?

SIMPLE! Email me at meghanmfitness@gmail.com with the subject: “I’M READY TO WORK” and just let me know! We can get to know one another and see if it’s a good fit for you! Happy to answer any questions as well!


Looking forward to chatting more!!! Let’s get to work and get in phenomenal shape for the holidays!!!


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