Leadership Retreat in Vernon, NJ

I’m sure many of you know that I’m a full time Beachbody Coach, and if you don’t – the cat is out of the bag.

Last weekend, I was up in Vernon, NJ to enjoy some time with fellow leaders on my team. My Coach treated me for accomplishing some goals, and I was actually able to sponsor one of my girls, which was pretty cool as well.


If you were following along on Instagram, you saw some of the photos, but I wanted to share more about the experience here.

I feel like it’s easy to see images of a bunch of women smiling and having fun and think a few things…

“Good for you, must be nice…”

“I wish I had that…”

“Thats just not me.”

I’m here to tell you that I have thought all THREE of those things when I started. I almost imagined a novel of what “those kinds of women” were like. I pictured their conversations, activities and lives as if I actually knew.


Now that I was actually involved in one (which was an absolute blast by the way), I wanted to share with you my biggest TAKE AWAY, which is – YOU CAN.

The women (and one guy) on this trip are all NORMAL people.


Some work, some don’t. Some are new, some are not.

The occupations (previous and current) represent Police Officers, Personal Trainers, Registered Nurses, Attorneys, Waitresses, Stay at Home Parents, Bartenders, Army Reservists and Teachers.

Some are millionaires – kinda crazy right?

We were from as far north as Boston and as far south as Florida – but all came together for drinks, laughs, a couple of workouts and tree climbing.

I learned that we all have fears, insecurities and dreams!

I also grew and even bigger passion for showing other women that they can too can change their circumstances.

I never would have imagined when I was plugging along through Nursing School working 40-60 hour work weeks, while slugging down Red Bulls to stay awake with esophageal ulcers, that I would one day work from home as an online lifestyle coach and social media influencer.

I never would have imagined that I would drop out of a Master’s Program to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner, to self-learn the ropes of Social Media Platforms instead.

I never would have imagined that I could match and exceed my earnings as a Registered Nurse from my bed with greasy hair and sweatpants.

I never would have imagined being able to stay at home with the son I fought 2 years to conceive.

I simply tried. I made an effort. I failed over and over – but succeeded in the process. I never gave up and showed up daily.

I love having a Team of women who have my back and support me. I’m grateful for a circle of friends who inspire, challenge and empower me on the daily. I am blessed for all that we have done and excited for all that we will do.

You can be a part of it too, and I would be happy to show you the way!

Apply Here!


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