Dressing The Bump!

Hey ladies!

So of course now that we had the baby, I’m doing a Blog Post about Maternity Clothes – go figure! I’ve had a lot of women ask me where and how I shopped during Pregnancy, especially on a budget!


I wanted to throw together some tips and recommendations on where I found the best Maternity Clothes that will stretch even past the bump!

My advice before you start would be to ask your Mom friends if they have any maternity clothes they’d be willing to lend or give you. I know when I’m done having children, that will be the first thing I do!

Once you start to purchase items for yourself – be realistic and practical.

So here are my TIPS:

Start with BASICS – purchase a few select tees, tanks etc in neutral colors so that you can pair them with leggings, pants and either dress up/down! Sticking with neutrals will allow you to repeat looks more often without it being too noticeable!


Next I would invest in a good pair of denim. To be honest – I only bought 1 pair of jeans and I just recycled them often – I don’t think anyone noticed lol

Leggings – DUH right? These will be your best friend! There are so many options out there. I  splurged on 1 nice black pair, and then I had some casual choices for running errands and what not. I will say that I was lucky enough to have a lot of my activewear fit me throughout pregnancy, so I didn’t purchase a lot!


Now… Let’s talk dresses!

I feel like it’s easier for you ladies who will be pregnant this Spring and Summer just for the ease of throwing on a dress! I got a few dresses from Shop Pink Blush and I definitely plan on wearing them postpartum as well!

They had a lot of options and they were super affordable, which helped make things a little guilt-free when it came to shopping.

I actually shot this last photo of myself in this lavender floral dress the day I actually delivered Jack. I never thought that would be my last “bump pic” at 38 Weeks and 3 Days. I think it would be perfect for a Mother’s Day Brunch if you plan on celebrating!



Shop This Maternity Dress Here!

Lastly, get yourself a robe or two! Robes are super comfy and help with easy boob access – plus they make for cute hospital or newborn photos as well! I can’t recommend robes enough if you plan to Breastfeed!

I hope this helps you guys!

Comment below for my other readers on where you found good deals and pieces!




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