What’s In My Hospital Bag?

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So before I even begin, I wanted to preface this Blog Post with the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to expect and I could be completely over/under packed here!

I had some requests so I figured I would just share what I’m personally doing and once the baby comes, I’ll be able to tell you what I wish I had, what I didn’t need and what I would do differently!

Between Pinterest and everyone you know who has children – everyone has a different opinion on what you need and should bring. I’m not sure this is a one size fits all kind of thing? Needing and wanting “stuff” are clearly two very different things… and on top of that, one woman could be in and out of the hospital super fast, and others labor for over a day.

My advice without knowing anything – is to go with your gut and do what you want! Take everything with a grain of salt, which should make things easier!


I purchased this Diaper Bag from Pottery Barn Kids to use as a Diaper Bag, but it really makes for the perfect overnight bag as well – so I figured I’d get some extra use out of it. I really love how neutral and “non-baby” the bag is, so it was worth the purchase in my eyes.

Something I’m also doing is packing 3 separate bags for each of us. I know this might sound weird or crazy… but I’ve heard of people going to the hospital and being sent home, so I don’t want to lug around anything that isn’t necessary. Plus now that I’m full term (and labor could strike any minute), I want something light and small that I can easily bring in and out of the car when I’m alone and going out. My husband or parents can always get the other stuff, if that makes sense?

So what’s in the bag? Essentials and Non-Essentials!



  • Bubbly, Why Not?!
  • Things that I know the hospital has, but I still want “my own.” I personally work there as a Registered Nurse so I know the deal on what that “stuff” is like and I am still opting to bring my own toothbrush, toothpaste, pads etc.


  • 1 Pair PJs
  • 1 Pair loose fitted sweats
  • 2 Nursing Tanks
  • 2 Nursing Bras
  • “Going Home Outfit” – Tee/Sweats
  • 2 Pairs Socks
  • 6 ft Phone Charger
  • Simple Toiletries necessary for “survival” aka Chapstick, Mascara etc.
  • Breastfeeding Stuff – Balm, Disposable Pads
  • Hospital Paperwork


I don’t think I’m packing a lot? Maybe some of you will think otherwise, but everything that I’m bringing for myself, fits in that bag!


As far as my husband’s bag is concerned… I just packed him simple things. A pair of sweats, underwear and toiletries – super SIMPLE!

I also plan on ordering Sushi out once he is born. I’ve literally waited long enough!

I packed a few bars and made my own Trail Mix. Just light snacks in case we are stuck for awhile. Thankfully, from working at the hospital I know what food is available and where to get take-out from if necessary!

Now for Little Man – His bag is quite simple!

Since I am always a sucker for photos and know the opportunity to have photos taken and take my own, I did pack some unnecessary things! 91gk+2dZ9BL._SY355_


  • 2 Swaddle Sets
  • 2 Newborn Onesies
  • 2 0-3 Month Onesies
  • Camera with extra battery
  • Pacifier
  • Car Seat: Uppa Baby Mesa in “Henry”




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