Vosges Chocolate Holiday Gift Guide

Today we’re talking about chocolate, and not just any chocolate. We’re talking about Vosges Chocolate specifically and I’ll be sharing my Holiday Gift Guide for them!

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I came across Vosges randomly on instagram last year. I’m not even sure how it happened, but I landed on a post that referenced this truffle box that “had flavors from around the world”. I was immediately intrigued and ordered myself a box for no reason. I had nothing to celebrate – just needed to try those truffles ha! That’s a good enough reason for chocolate right?

My husband and I tore through the box in one night and it was honestly such a fun experience. Each truffle was more wowing than the next. I think what got me most was my taste buds transporting me to the place each truffle was inspired by. Yes, the truffles were all amazing, but the WOW factor really originated from how interesting, creative and special each one tasted.

It was love at first tasting and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Candidly, no chocolates have been able to compare. There’s just something super special about Vosges that will always have me coming back.

I’m going to break down some of my favorites right now that would make amazing gifts for anyone in your life! Maybe you still have a loved one, friend, colleague or that difficult person to buy for on your list? If you want to make an impression or do something special, this is it!!

Exotic Truffle Collection

The perfect gift for anyone in your life, including those that are difficult to buy for. Each truffle truly takes you to the origin it was inspired by

Prima Materia Truffle Collection

My husband and I loved this collec- Hon because there are two of every truffle to share! This one truly invokes all of the senses

Enchanted Collection

Such a unique collection of truffles that would make a really special gi: for someone that you care about

Good Luck Cakes

The most decadent looking and tast- ing cakes I’ve ever had! They were perfect alongside a hot cup of tea

Rosemary Marcona Almond Toffee

Wow! Such a unique flavor combina- Hon, but I can’t get enough of this! This would be such an impressive stocking stuffer for the foodie in your life

Champagne Truffles

I couldn’t think of a beYer way to celebrate the New Year. The perfect accompaniment to your bubbly on the big night

Bronte Pistachio Truffles

If you’re a pistachio fan, your mouth will water trying these! So incredibly fresh, flavorful and smooth

Aztec Drinking Chocolate

I found this to be such a unique spin on hot chocolate. It’s dark with hints of spice!

Hope you enjoy! We certainly do over here!


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