We’re Expecting, August 2020!!

We’re PREGNANT!!!!! I’m still having a hard time believing this is real!

You may or may not recall, but it took my husband and I two years to have Jack. We tried on our own for a year, and then moved into Infertility Treatments for the following.

After having our initial testing done, it was unlikely that we would ever conceive on our own (as per two physicians), which was obviously a lot to take in.

My fertility set backs weren’t diagnosed in an obvious way, but my ovaries did show characteristics of PCOS, even though I don’t present like a classic PCOS patient. (TMI Alert: I’ve had irregular cycles my whole life, but never had any other symptoms). Upon US mid-cycle, I would have 12-20 follicles that looked dormant in each ovary, and despite time and Clomid – nothing changed, which prompted the question of whether I ever even ovulated. Eventually my follicles grew after troubleshooting with injectable meds.

That August we proceeded with our first IUI after a couple of ditched cycles, and we’re over the moon when it worked. Our first trimester presented unique challenges and complications that I’m not candidly comfortable discussing, but it required frequent visits to high risk physicians and invasive procedures.

I didn’t exactly get a happy or normal first trimester and spent most of it fearful, in tears, angry and conflicted over everything that was going on. We were officially in the clear at 13 weeks, and while I was super grateful from that moment forward, I always dreaded the “next time” because of it.

I’ve been conflicted with the whole idea of a second since Jack was about 6 months old. It may sound strange, but I starting wanting a second, more than I wanted the first. We were trying for a couple of months, and after talking with my OB about it at my yearly, I decided I was going to make a fertility consult after the holidays and discuss our options. This was the last outcome that I saw happening!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we’ve been in the buying/selling process for several months now, and that’s been consuming us both. I feel like every free minute or day has been spent cleaning to show our home, or searching for homes to potentially move into!

To say that this has been a distraction is an understatement. Guys… we weren’t even “trying,” which is just crazy to me!

I still can’t believe this happened at such an unexpected time. Two days before I tested, we actually went to see a home on our “girl name” street. I told Dan I was hoping to dislike the house because I didn’t want to lose our name to our new address if that makes sense? We thankfully hated the house, but I never thought I would end up pregnant after that!

Maybe it was chance?

Maybe it was luck?

Or maybe it was a little bit of Christmas Magic!

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