Modine, Asbury Park

I’ve been wanting to try Modine for awhile now, so my husband and I were happy we finally made it there.

Modine is located in Asbury Park on Mattison Ave and is inspired by southern flavors, but with unexpected modern twists. I love southern food, but it’s hard to find somewhere that does it right (you know – not heavy with a nap required afterwards). I had high hopes like I do with most eateries in Asbury Park and we weren’t disappointed.

When we walked in, it was instant charm and for a summer Saturday, it was very easy to get a table.

We started off with complimentary Beignets and each had the Smoked Fried Chicken ($19) for Brunch with a side of Hash Browns ($4) and an Elderflower Champagne Cocktail ($4).

Here’s My Full Review:

Ambiance – This place is super cool and charming! The decor is really unique and they even have the old bank safe door in the back.

Service – The host and server were very kind, attentive and were accommodating to the fact that we had Jack (our 15 month old) with us.

Menu – The menu is super innovative, unique and unexpected. There were plenty of options to accommodate just about anyone. If you are into specialty cocktails – this bar is up your alley, as they are truly crafted concoctions!

Food – The food we ordered was executed and plated perfectly. If you want to spoil yourself with some yummy carbs – look no further, ha! I only had two minor critiques that wouldn’t stop me from returning. The first was the Beignets. I don’t want to sound greedy complaining about something that is free, but they reminded me more of Funnel Cake on the Boardwalk, as opposed to classic Beignets in New Orleans. With that being said, I still ate them with a smile on my face because they we’re good – just not the classic expectation. The other gripe I had was the portion of chicken for brunch. The brunch portion was merely a couple of bites (after the bones were removed) and was more representative of a small plate portion, as opposed to a protein serving for a meal. I probably wouldn’t have even mentioned it, but I saw press stating that Modine had the “Best Fried Chicken” in NJ, and while it was very good, I certainly wouldn’t have used “best,” but it was very good!! I just wish I had more of it.

All in all, I certainly would recommend visiting Modine and definitely return! Its a great choice if you aren’t familiar with Southern cuisine or want a fun variety of what you think you’re used to. I would love to see how they do dinner and experiment with some fun cocktails!


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