How To Become a “Morning Person”

Have you ever mumbled the words, “I’m not a morning person,” when explaining why you hit snooze 11 times on your alarm Monday morning?

What about, “I don’t have time” or, “there aren’t enough hours in the day!”

I’ve been there, more times than I’d like to admit, but over the years I’ve trained and disciplined myself to create time and be productive.

I love my 0400 wakeup because it ENABLES me to have the day I want to create. It’s not because I like leaving my warm bed and starting my day in the dark.

Becoming a Mom forces you to multitask, but let’s face it – things can be HARD, and it’s impossible to be everything + a Mom. So while this isn’t a guide on how to be “everything” to everyone, I’m hoping to give you more time to make yourself a PRIORITY.

Waking up EARLY and before your kids has not only been my secret for surviving this first year, but it’s given me more time, energy, patience and plenty of hours of creativity and productivity, which is what I want you to have.

Keep reading for my 6 TIPS on how you can start doing this tomorrow!

1. Lose the “I’m not a morning person” mentality. Waking up early is simply a choice, like going to work or the dentist. It’s just something we choose to do because it’s good for us.

2. Make every attempt to make the morning “easier.”

  • Lay out your clothes.
  • Sleep in your workout clothes if you have to.
  • Prepare your breakfast or lunch ahead of time for that day.
  • Save seconds or minutes, by assembling your shake, water or pre-workout.
  • Pull your clothes for work the next day.

3. The Miracle Morning was an incredible short/easy read that really helped put things into perspective.

4. Have Company! A bunch of girls on my Team get together virtually for our workouts at 5am. We use an application on Zoom, check in, have some AM chit-chat, and press play! It has been a god-send for accountability! Want company? Message me to join!

5. Wake up at an ungodly hour! I find 4am to be SO MUCH EASIER than 6! I call it Airport Early! I should probably patent that phrase… but it’s true! Trust me, this works!

6. Have gratitude. I know this sounds cheesy, but think about it. You have your life, health and freedom to use the time you create. Not everyone has that luxury. There are plenty of people who are disabled or unable who would kill for the opportunities that we have. If you view waking up early as a privilege – you are more likely to act that way (and actually get up).

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