Super Saturday April 2019


This past Saturday, we had one of our quarterly events – and let me tell you… my cup is overflowing! I had a couple of you ask me on Instagram about it, so I figured I’d give you the scoop!

We host these events all over the US, UK and Canada on these particular weekends for Coaches in our business to meet, connect, learn and have a great time – so regardless of where you live, everyone gets an opportunity to be a part of something really special.

Our team has grown so much over the past year that we decided to start hosting our own events here in New Jersey for those who are local, and it has been such a rewarding experience.


We all woke up pretty early (especially since many of these girls traveled over an hour for this), but we took some fun photos on the beach and then spent the morning celebrating our successes, wins and learned what’s new and upcoming within our company!

Speaking of wins… Can you believe that at least 6 of these girls have lost over 30 lbs each!!!

Afterwards, I did a presentation about strategies to optimize our income and how to mentor our teams, which was followed by a killer 30 minute workout that most of us are still feeling today!


What’s crazy to me… even four years later, is how fun and rewarding it’s been to meet other women who are beyond fun and amazing to do life with!

These ladies are not only my accountability partners and teammates, they are my friends! We lift each other up when we are down and celebrate the hell out of our successes!

I met most of these women on Social Media and Anna, who traveled up from Virginia was a completely stranger to me until we met on Instagram last year, which is so freaking fun!


These girls are amazing humans and together we are currently ranked #40 in the entire network of over 400,000 Teams! They work hard, share their hearts and truly care about the people we all serve!


Team Fit To Be Free is going places and we’d love to take you along for the ride!

Interested in Joining my Team? Apply Here and I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours to see if it’s a good fit for you!

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