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We traveled to Nashville for our annual Beachbody Coach Summit, and to be honest, I don’t know if it was a city that would have ever made it on my list.

I’m not a fan of Country Music or anything “country” if that makes sense, but I love food – so I was looking forward to the trip.


Depending on what your reasons are for visiting, everything is pretty centrally located.

PicMonkey Collage-61I wanted to make note and mention it in my Travel Guide because there is a neighborhood just outside downtown Nashville called, The Gultch.

PicMonkey Collage-63.jpg

I preferred this area over the downtown district for a few reasons.


It was an up and coming trendy area that was clean, quiet and tons of unique restaurants and bars. I wasn’t a giant fan of the loud and drunken bachelorette scene, although the paddle bike tours looked fun. I’m just more interested in a good plate of food and some ambiance.

Overall, this was a great trip with friends so I’m really happy Coaching led me here!

Favorite Restaurants

  1. Kayne Prime – this honestly could be the home of the best meal we’ve ever eaten. Just picture this – Pork Belly with Maple Cotton Candy (insert mouth watering drool). It was a classy steakhouse with an enforced dress code that offered excellent steak house food with a southern twist. Everything was executed to perfection.
  2. Biscuit Love – Make it a point to eat here at least once, which is all you’ll need. Not the healthiest meal you’ll have, but it was delicious!
  3. Moto – I loved this place. It was a modern small plate Italian joint that had some really cool and innovative dishes. The Blueberry Lasagna was my favorite, which I know sounds weird, but it was delicious.
  4. Virago – I didn’t dine here, but I did take full advantage of the rooftop bar for cocktails (which were excellent)
  5. Merchants – This was the only downtown restaurant I dined at very late after our opening ceremonies. They had a great variety and the food was executed well!

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