What I Read In 2022

This is my first annual reading list review and I can’t wait to share everything that I read in 2022!

Do you practice personal growth and development on a daily basis? If not, I hope this post will encourage you to start. 

What’s personal development?

It’s an active effort in developing your potential, capabilities, knowledge, skills and quality of life. You get to choose what you want to learn more about or improve upon. It could consist of self improvement, enhancing employability or bringing your aspirations to life.

Every morning, I read for about 15 minutes while I drink my pre-workout. As soon as I’m done, I do a 30-45 minute workout and get ready for the day. Once my kids are up, there is hardly any free time, so I have found that having a morning routine with these habits has really helped me stay consistent and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Think about it! 15 minutes each day is about 91 hours throughout the year!

Imagine how much better you could be at anything with that amount of time and focus!

Here are my top recommendations:

The Maxwell Daily Reader – John Maxwell is probably one of the most recognizable and respected leaders in the personal growth and development industry. This book takes excerpts, concepts and ideas from all of his books that span a variety of topics. Each page is a different day, which makes this the perfect book for someone who is new to personal development or this habit. Having a book like this could also give you more insight to topics and areas of focus that you’d like to explore further and work on

Fiber Fueled – Over the winter, I started a gut health program that changed my life. I was struggling with chronic bloat, inflammation, irregularity and a ton of food sensitivities after having my daughter. During this 4 week gut program, Will Bulsiewicz was referenced on a podcast from my program creator, which led me to Fiber Fueled. This book really explained the WHY and science behind a lot of what I was doing in the program. If you are looking to improve your own gut health or understand common gut health issues, I highly recommend this book! He also has a cookbook with some great plant based recipes as well that’s worth checking out too!

Can’t Hurt Me – This was one of the most powerful, influential and insane stories that I have ever read. I often find myself thinking of David Goggins anytime I experience any degree of challenge or adversity because of what he has gone through and accomplished. This book will help you believe that anything is possible and I can’t recommend it enough.

Girls That Invest – You know the saying, “the best time was yesterday, and the second best time is now?” That’s how I feel about this book, only I wish I had it in high school and cared enough to pay attention. But here I am as a 37 year old starting to learn about finances and investments. If you don’t identify as someone who is good and knowledgeable with money, I really want to encourage you to get this book. The author makes so many concepts easy to understand with actionable tips on how you can start creating more security and wealth for your future. 

The Charge – You can never go wrong with Brendon Bruchard. He’s one of my favorite speakers and authors of all time. I have had the privilege of seeing him this summer at my annual Coach Summit, which inspired me to grab this book! This read is all about the 10 human drives that make us feel alive (control, competence, congruence, caring, connection, challenge, creative expression, contribution and consciousness). By strategically activating these drives, they can help us shape the way we think, feel and act in life if we strategically activate them, which makes this a great pick for anyone!

What did you read this year? I’d love to know what you enjoyed so I can potentially add it to my 2023 reading list!

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