Newport & Laguna Beach Travel Guide

Hey friends… so after we had my Leadership Conference in L.A. with Beachbody, we decided to extend our stay and make a Babymoon out of it!

We drove down the coast and decided to stay one night in Laguna Beach. Newport Beach was honestly a game day decision, but it needs to be referenced because of the donuts. YES, D O N U T S. The best donuts this girl has ever tasted, and I’m not even a donut connoisseur.


The place is called Sidecar Donuts. However you need to get there – GET THERE. I’m seriously getting hungry thinking about it, and it may actually be worth the 6 hour flight to go back.


The next unplanned visit was to Corona Del Mar where we took a little walk down to the beach.



The total drive from L.A. to Laguna Beach was about 2 hours (driving time), taking the more scenic route along the way.



Once we got to Laguna, we checked into the Laguna Beach House. This was such a cute place, I honestly wish we could have stayed longer. The rooms were quite adorable, and the service was great. We didn’t have time to use the pool or really hang out long, but it was definitely a place worth visiting again if we are ever in the neighborhood.




The hotel wasn’t situated on the beach, but it was very close. That was probably the only negative, but the rooms were very reasonable and we were out and about most of the day anyway.


We didn’t do much here, aside from walk around, shop and sit by the beach. It really was a pretty place and the beaches/landscaping were beautiful.

This is where I got that book in Jack’s nursery. For whatever reason, the book color stood out to me and when I picked it up, I nearly died reading the title. It was a no-brainer that we needed to come home with it!

As far as restaurants go, we didn’t get our first choices since we didn’t think to make reservations or even know what we wanted to do.


We had dinner at the Cliff RestaurantIMG_1516.jpg, which had a great view, food was great too, but nothing overwhelmingly special.

The following morning we had breakfast at Urth Cafe. We saw the previous day had huge lines, but it was honestly “normal” breakfast food – nothing special.

We weren’t here for very long, like I mentioned, but stay tuned my next Blog and stop, which was San Diego.

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