How To Plan For a Maternity Photoshoot

Photos are something that live on long after the memories become blurry, which is why I wanted to write this post to help you plan for a maternity photoshoot. Trust me, you will want someone to capture these precious moments!


I even remember when Dan and I got engaged in Florida, I was on the hunt for a Southwest Florida Photographer that very night and managed to get something booked before we came home.


With all of that being said, I knew that I would always want Maternity photos taken. I will admit that I was a little bummed knowing that I would be “that pregnant” in Winter because I knew that would limit the kinds of photos we would have, but with a business trip turned Baby Moon out to Southern California, that concern quickly dissipated.

I figured, why not find someone out there?! It can not only serve as a memory to our trip together, but it can capture our pregnancy in a unique way.


As you can imagine, I didn’t know anyone in Southern California, let alone how to find someone without any referrals or recommendations, which led me to Instagram. I don’t know about you guys, but I use Social Media to help me with many of life’s decisions!


I began searching hashtags for “LA Maternity Photographer” “LA Newborn Photographer” “LA Portrait Photographer” and anything else near the locations that we were going to be in. I stumbled across Miranda North Photography and after doing some stalking and investigating on Social Media, Google and her website, we had our shoot BOOKED!


I found someone who captured moments in natural light with that dreamy/airy feel that I simply LOVE! What’s even better?! They offered up the wardrobe options in the price. I didn’t have to worry about purchasing a dress that I would only wear once… something that would have caused me immense stress at the time.

It’s hard enough wearing Maternity clothes, let alone shopping for something online that you can’t try on before hand, you know?

We met our Photographer, Becky and Wardrobe Stylist, Sierra onsite and we shot in two different locations (Topanga Park and Santa Monica Beach), and I was able to choose two looks.

I brought a few different looks for Dan with anticipation of me wearing something in the neutral/blush family and/or blue/grey. Sierra was able to help us solidify those options once I finalized dresses, which was super helpful!

I will say, if you normally feel awkward during photographs, it helps to have someone who specializes in this particular area of photography as she was able to position us and make us laugh during the whole process… things like “pretend like you’re smelling your armpit!”


I also recommend splurging on getting your whole gallery in any photoshoot that you invest in, simply because WHY NOT? The images and moments are all captured, how could you possibly only pick a few?


I not only plan on using these in our home and throughout his Nursery, but for “Thank You” cards for my Shower as well!


Here’s some final thoughts…

  • If you are still on the fence, I say DO IT! You won’t get this chance again, not with this pregnancy anyways.
  • While I would say, start your research EARLY, it is never too late to find someone and book something (although it might be more challenging).
  • Take the time to find someone who meets your style and needs, not necessarily someone who comes recommended. For example, someone might take great photos of babies in costumes or in Firehats, but that’s not my “style” in terms of photos or what I want in a “memory”
  • Consider doing your own hair and makeup! You will probably feel the most comfortable and natural doing things your own way, and I tend to like being captured as “me,” not as the person a stranger makes me up to be that day, if that makes sense?
  • Wear neutral colors and avoid White/Black since they usually tend to be pretty stark in photos. Off Whites, Beiges, Blushes, Greys etc. photograph really nicely especially in that sunrise/sunset light!
  • Consider renting a dress if your Photographer doesn’t offer those services, or finding a dress that you could somehow wear after pregnancy. I purchased my Baby Shower Dress from Rachel Pally, which is a Maxi Dress that I can 100% wear afterwards, so it makes it a little more worth the investment!

Hope this helps!


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