Gender Reveal!! Boy or Girl?!


We anxiously waited for this day for what felt like an eternity!

We had the “information” when we were at 13 Weeks due to Genetic Testing, but wanted to do something special since it had been such an incredibly rocky road.

We toyed with the many ideas and options of how to actually “find out” and decided that we wanted to be equally surprised  with our closest friends and family. This was candidly our first really really happy/exciting time of our pregnancy so far, and couldn’t have been happier with how we decided to do this.


I toyed with the idea of a cake, but I was worried that I would see the “color” before anyone else could and I wanted that BIG surprise moment, so we went for a Balloon with Confetti. I found this balloon on Etsy and couldn’t have been happier with it! I still can’t believe how HUGE it was.

A lot of people have asked me “who knew?” I ended up giving the card with the gender to one of my girlfriends, who gave it to her Mom so she could order the balloon. My friend wanted to be surprised also, and it made it even that much more fun, because I couldn’t antagonize her to tell me!

[wpvideo hqTao5Im]

So who was right?! 


Both of us honestly didn’t care one way or the other, especially after everything that we had been through, but I had a strong feeling that it was a Boy for a few reasons.

Most of our friends have girls and I’ve had a strong girl name for awhile, where we were between two boy names.

That alone was my thought process, and it had nothing to do with how I was feeling or appearing.

The Chinese Calendar said Girl, and most of my symptoms were entirely mixed, so candidly, I don’t buy into any of that stuff.



Why was I holding a Syringe 💉?
IMG_7404It was an idea I had that morning… I needed to pop our “Gender Reveal” balloon with something, but instead of using a pin, thumb tack etc… I chose one of my Infertility syringes.

These syringes meant a lot to me in the past two years…

They represented hope, when I otherwise felt hopeless.

They represented confusion and worry, when I had no clue of the outcome.

They represented sadness and discomfort, since it was an immediate reminder of the journey ahead.

So why didn’t I throw them all out and why did I use one to pop this magical balloon on this magical day?!

It will sound messed up and most of you won’t understand, but we didn’t get “happy pee stick” moment or a first or even second “happy Ultrasound Day”… we didn’t get “happy” for awhile and have endured a lot… even over the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

But… this day… this Syringe meant happiness, success, and victory in being able to start a family with our soon to be baby BOY.

This Syringe closed THAT chapter, as we now move forward.

I also chose to share this because 1 in every 8 people you KNOW and WILL KNOW, will experience some path of Infertility in their lives.

This Syringe of HOPE, SUCCESS and VICTORY, was for all of them too!

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