Exuma Cays Travel Guide

The Exuma Cays are INCREDIBLE!

We are blessed to have been able to visit a bunch of islands in the Caribbean, but wanted something a little more unique.

We had fallen in love with Sandals when we visited St. Lucia, so we were looking at all of their properties. I had remembered seeing pictures on the internet of the “Swimming Pigs” and it just clicked when I saw there was an Exuma location.

All we essentially wanted was a beautiful beach, great food and even better service – and that’s exactly what we got.

Having visited our 3rd Sandals property, I can honestly say that their food, service and fun are very consistent and we will continue to visit their brand for that reason.

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We were really excited to spend New Years Eve somewhere tropical. We aren’t big New Years people and with me being a Registered Nurse and my husband being a Police Officer – holidays haven’t always been spent together. They threw the most ridiculously awesome party and it was for sure our best New Years yet!

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The one thing we HAD TO DO – was swim with the pigs, so we booked a boat tour that took us around to a few different beaches and cays.

Each beach was more beautiful then the next…

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The one cay was inhabited by these really neat iguanas that you got to feed grapes to. They looked like mini dinosaurs.

Then we arrived at the pig beach. As soon as the boat was anchoring, these giant pigs started to hustle out to the boat looking for food. They were so docile and accustomed to being around people! There was even a little nest of baby piglets!

PicMonkey Collage-59.jpgWhen else will you be able to say that you “swam with the pigs?”

The only regret I had was not renting a car and driving around. I did read about some pretty awesome beaches that I wish we explored.

One extra TIP – we traveled over Dec/Jan and it was very windy. I’m not sure what the whether is like during other months, but if you snorkel/scuba, day trips were cancelled often during our week there, so it’s just something to think about.

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