Do you need extra accountability and motivation on your health and wellness journey? Most of us do (including ME)! That’s why I always have a support group!

Work Hard Dream Big-2

So What is a Support Group???

You can call it anything! A Challenge Group, an Accountability Group, a Fit Club etc.


I designed a community as a place for you to come together with other individuals looking for the same thing: positivity, ideas, tips, recipes, encouragement, support and motivation on a daily basis.

This kind of engagement and support truly creates the best experience and in my experience – incredible friendships!

Before starting a group I like to learn a few things about you, so I can better help and support you along the way.

  • Your goalsIMG_4768.JPG
  • Your dreams
  • Your current lifestyle
  • Setting a start date
  • Discussing any potential struggles/stressors that may impact your journey

Once we get to know one another…

  • I’ll help you navigate and learn about all of the resources available to you
  • I will help you pick your first program
  • I will make a Personal Development Book/Audio Book recommendation
  • Provide you with numerous supportive materials, recipes and meal plans.
  • Cheer you along every step of the way!

IMG_4769 2.JPGYou will have everything that you need for success.

You will have your Coach (ME!!!) for support and guidance!

You will have the Group to ask questions, for support, encouragement, resources, friends and most importantly FUNNNN!!!!!

Everyone is so amazing and it will be an incredible positive outlet for you to have during the good days, bad days and everything in between!