IMG_1152My story began long before my journey started.

In 2011, I became a Registered Nurse, and like most Nurses, I worked nights, days, weekends, holidays and everything in between. My one job as a Transplant Coordinator had me working 24 hour shifts, commuting long distances with unpredictable schedules and conditions, which amounted to physical and emotional exhaustion. You can say that I had unhealthy habits – eating out frequently, eating on the go, having a “glass” of wine to unwind at the end of the day and not being active enough. Anything healthy I tried to do just wasn’t and couldn’t be consistent.

It wasn’t until I got engaged in 2014, that it hit me.


I was 25 lbs overweight, unhappy, unhealthy and was suddenly terrified of being this way on my wedding day. I had been so used to being self conscious, embarrassed and making excuses that time had simply gotten away from me. I convinced myself for years that my job was an “excuse” for my schedule, habits, choices and behavior.

I tried going to the gym more frequently and “watching what I ate,” although I was the type that would eat a whole bowl of almonds, convincing myself that it was healthy. I was drawn to this one class that I would take once a week. He treated class as more then just a “class.” He offered support, guidance and help with nutrition and meal planning. I wasn’t really into talking to strangers, but I was so desperate to change, and I felt like I had to DECIDE.

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I realized that my problem was consistency. My job wasn’t preventing me from being healthy – I simply didn’t have the right solution for my busy life as a Registered Nurse in Graduate School. I realized that if I wanted something I’ve never had, I had to try something I’ve never done – which lead me to bringing health & fitness into my home.

I committed to my first home fitness program and Shakeology with reluctance, but was astonished by the mental and physical changes I was able to make in 30-60 days.


Having a program and plan to follow and someone holding me accountable changed everything. I knew exactly what I had to do and when, but it was on my terms and time table – depending on my day.

I could do my workout at 5am before work or at 8pm when I got home. I could do it in my PJs or with greasy hair – it didn’t matter because I was HOME! Plus, it was ONLY 30 minutes a day.


I lost 12 lbs during that first program and was addicted to how I felt. I jumped into a new program shortly after and was able to lose a TOTAL of 25 lbs. My husband even jumped on board and started doing them with me… something we both thought he’d never do!

These home fitness programs have changed everything for me.IMG_3700.JPG

We have hundreds of options, so I always feel challenged and never bored. Regardless of your personality and fitness level – you’ll have plenty of options that you enjoy that push you to your personal best.

I thankfully live a completely different life and lifestyle now, but I love knowing that I can bring my lifestyle with me anywhere, anytime – even if I’m traveling.

Regardless of whether you are a busy mom, have a demanding career or both – this is the perfect solution for being healthy with convenience!


I have been so blessed to have found something that worked for me and have become so passionate about paying it forward to others who are looking for their own mental and/or physical transformation of their own.