How many of you have been annoyed by a friend or acquaintance on social media?

It’s okay to say YES… it makes all of our skin crawl. No one likes to feel or be sold.

This is honestly one of the biggest fears of objections that people have when considering Coaching. It was my #1. None of us want to be that person spamming someone’s feed or being perceived as pushy. Am I right?

I bet some of you are even afraid of how to talk to people. Maybe you’re an introvert or are used to keeping your life private?

Despite what you see here, I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly prior to all of this. I had every security setting on social media locked down and wouldn’t even open the door for a UPS worker!

If we know each other, you know that I’m a Registered Nurse… and I have never done “sales.” I certainly was never a salesperson or good at sales.

I chose my profession simply because I “wanted to help people and make a difference in the world,” which is the EXACT same thing I do here. I don’t push products or a company name. What I do is promote my life – and all the things that make me – ME!

Thing is… our Team taught me everything I know… and that’s what I do for anyone who joins Fit To Be Free.

There is certainly an “art” to being successful on social media in terms of catching the interest in others, while staying true to yourself.

If this very thing is holding you back, don’t let it. You will be guided, taught and mentored every single step of the way.