This was my second Coach Summit and I was even more excited for this one because I had a Team coming with me. I had so many Coaches who had that same excitement that I had. I knew how this experience was going to impact them and their business. IMG_3001

I not only got to see some of them get recognized for milestones and achievements, but I watched them create and set new goals for things they wanted to achieve in the future.

It was such a fun experience being able to celebrate and learn with one another!

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SPP_1940.JPGLouis and I became certified CORE DE FORCE Instructors on the first day. If your not familiar with it – it’s a full body MMA styled workout program. We actually got certified by Joel & Jericho which which was incredible.

We also got to work out with Shaun T and Sagi Kalev!

We got to hear from special keynote speakers, such as Darren Hardy, Chalene Johnson and Brendon Bruchard. We had numerous breakout sessions where we learned about building relationships, inspiring others and getting new people started on the right foot. We even got treated to a special Mardi Gras styled party for simply helping a few people each month.


One of the most surreal moments that I had was getting recognized on stage for my Team’s accomplishments the previous year.

It honestly didn’t even seem real. Even though that was one of my goals coming out of Summit 2016, a part of you still wonders you know? Wanting and visualizing that success for not only you, but those on your Team coming to life – it simply gave me goosebumps!

As a Team, we have so many goals for this coming year and can’t wait to do this again in June 2018, only this time – in Indianapolis!

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