What does ACCOUNTABILITY mean to YOU?

I think most of us initially think of RESPONSIBILITY and OBLIGATION, and I feel like there is so much more to it.

In my world with my clients, accountability means being inspired and driven to make the necessary decisions that contribute to your life in a positive way.

I will be your mentor, teacher, guide and cheerleader while you start your journey – but you have to do the work.

Accountability doesn’t mean having someone remind you to follow your meal plan or ask you if you worked out today. It means that the success you want is greater then your excuses or circumstances.

“Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.” Jeff Olsen

Through Personal Coaching, Group Support and Personal Development

  • I want to help you identify what you want and how badly you want it.
  • I will help you set short and long term goals.
  • I want to find out what your willing to do and sacrifice to get to your goals.
  • I will guide you step by step in how to achieve the goals you’ve set.
  • I will provide you with outlets to track your progress.
  • I will support you with the motivational personality that you need
  • I will encourage you as you progress and will remind you of your goals when you are having a bad day.

You will be accountable to YOU.

This is more then just health and fitness – this is your life. It’s your future.

You only have one life and one body. Don’t waste time being unhealthy or settling for a less then optimal quality of life. You DESERVE more!